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Microsoft Surface Hub and nuiSense reinvent the meeting concept at Milan's Microsoft Technology Center

A team collaboration experience on Microsoft Surface Hub

The Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) of Milano is an important landmark in Italy for enterprises seeking innovative solution, the MTC is a tool to help you envision, design and deploy solutions to your address even your toughest business challenges.
Now the multi touch suite nuiSense is installed on Microsoft Surface Hub, a huge 84" all-in-one multi touch device with 4K resolution designed exclusively for team collaboration and profitable meeting.

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nuiSense has proved a very effective tool that has allowed to significantly reduce implementation costs and time-to-market

The Honeywell's interactive multi user experience

Honeywell chose the multi touch suite nuiSense to create interactive experiences such as technological support to exhibitions across Europe. Honeywell was easy to create a guided and interactive experience where visitors could deepen their visit with electronic brochures, images and video. Thanks to the immediacy of the visual content, sales have been able to easily explain to visitors the range of products treated.
In MCE 2016 tradeshow (Milan, Italy) Honeywell has prepared a stand with three Samsung 55" multi-touch Smart Signage display with IR touch frame technology and a HumeLab 42" multi-touch table with 40 touches and Procap technology.

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Innovative multi touch products and cutting-edge technology combined with design and final assembly in the USA

Volanti Displays Interview

We recently spoke with the Marketing / Creative Director of Volanti Displays, Billy Barnes, about Multi-Touch Technology. Volanti Displays is based in Northern California and focuses on application specific large display systems for the commercial market. We took the opportunity to find out how the nuiSense multi-touch suite enabled the manufacturer to show multi-touch displays to potential customers.

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The Samsung SUR40 multitouch table was retired on December 2013, but many customers ask for it

Samsung SUR40 No Longer? No Problem

Samsung SUR40 is a multitouch table of 40 inches with full HD resolution can recognize up to 50 simultaneous touches. The cost at launch was around 10,000$. The product was very appreciated and it was considered very innovative.
The touch sensor was based on a cameras system, at that time very sophisticated. This technology is very sensitive to light, just expose the touch table to a source of direct light that the touch stops working. I saw many installations completely blocked in fairs and events due to sunlight or artificial lighting too bright. Fortunately with modern touch tables based on capacitive technology that does not happen anymore.

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According to the latest figures from NetApplications Windows 10 grabs 8% market share

The Windows 10 incrase its market share in October

The new operating system of Microsoft grabs at the end of October 7,94% (6,63% in September) of desktop PC. It gains share from Windows XP and Windows 7. Windows 10 is the only operating system that shows an increase of + 1.31% over the previous month. Microsoft is sure to continue to gain market share thanks to the activation of a new update process that will allow users to download the upgrade to Windows 10 immediately after it booked.

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