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Erreci Sicurezza goes to MADE Expo 2015 with a multitouch showcase

Erreci in MADE Expo with an interactive window

Erreci Sicurezza, a leader in the production of security bar system and security shutters, came to the trade fair MADE Expo 2015 (Pad. 04 - Stand E25 F22) with a multi touch innovative solution signed by di-erre software.
It is a 46-inch multi-touch glass capable of recognizing up to 20 simultaneous touches. A projector connected to a mini PC projects the multi touch software nuiSense business on the glass. Visitors can browse documents, watch videos and pictures by touching the glass in a natural way.

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Lenovo choose the multi touch suite nuiSense in useful tools for Windows 8 for UK market

nuiSense is in Lenovo Picks UK Useful Tools

nuiSense was included in the selection of useful tools for Windows 8 Lenovo Picks UK. This collection is directly managed by the important Chinese producer of computers and tablets (Lenovo) and was created with the intent to freely promote the best App in Windows Store. A pool of engineers, testers and critics evaluates the Apps to offer its users just quality software. Seeing is believing...

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Two huge multi touch digital board let users to interact with media in the Hillside Centre

OceanWall at Hillside Centre to open a window to Pacific

nuiSense was chosen as multi-touch software solution for the project of the activist Christopher Porter installed in Hillside Center in Victoria (Canada). We are happy to give our contribute on this important technology project that shows how technology can be used to raise awareness about issues related to environmental protection.

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The nuiSense team tell us how associate text content to pictures and videos

How to manage content associated to images and video

In the version of nuiSense business were introduced several features and improvements. Among the most interesting is the ability to display content associated to photos and videos using the properties of a file. Some media formats, such as jpeg and mp4, allow you to manage the metadata, which are nothing more than information that is stored directly on the file

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Tabata is the first coffee table suitable for waiting room and for your home rest room

HumeLab, from France Tabata the first touch coffee table

Comes from the French HumeLab the first interactive coffee table height knees that recognizes up to 40 simultaneously touches. A revolutionary product and fine workmanship that reinvents the concept of modern design, both in private and corporate perspective.

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