The nuiSense business software allows you associate content with NFC tags. You must have a device with a proximity sensor to use as NFC reader\writer.
Many devices are equipped with an NFC chip that allows you to read and write tags. If your device is not equipped with this component, you can rely on an external NFC reader\writer compatible with Windows 8.1. We tested the NFC reader Sony RC-S380 that was fully compatible with Windows 8. lettore NFC Sony RC-S380. NFC tags are cheap and are reusable, there are of different shapes and sizes. For full compatibility with Windows 8.1 are recommended NFC NTAG203 tags. We suggest to always ask the vendor to confirm that the NFC tag is compatible with Windows 8.1 and is preformatted.
You can buy NFC tags of different sizes in one such shop:

In particular, we have successfully tested this sticker of 144 bytes.
Now you have everything you need to configure NFC tags in nuiSense business. It is an additional feature ("Object Recognition") that you can purchase directly within the App in the license manage page. You can test this feature by launching the app in try mode even if you already have a license without NFC capabilities enabled by checking the "Try missing features" to "Yes" in license manage page.
In the album configuration page select the menu item "Object Recognition" and enable the "Enable object recognition". This will open the "NFC Settings" flyout where you can specify whether the display is horizontal or vertical and where you set the location of the NFC chip. The location indicates where to open the contents associated with the tag.
Then press the button "Add tags", enter a name and select the content to be associated to the tag (eg. Images, videos or PDFs) by pressing the button "Add content". Then press the "Back" button to return to the previous screen where the new tag will appear in the list of configured tags. Then press the button "Write NFC tag" to write the tag. Then bring the NFC tag to the reader. If the operation will complete the App will display a message writing successful.
You just have to start the album and bring the NFC tag to the reader to open the associated contents.