The new Multi Touch Skin Ultra Fit is a procap film, the evolution of the Skin Ultra improved in versatility and ease of integration of the touch sensor. It can perfectly fits to any structure you are thinking.
It uses the same touch sensor of Skin Ultra Fit and it guarantees a response time of 5ms.
It is available in 16:9 and 4:3 format, from 30" up to 100". The multi touch sensor can recognize up to 40 simultanously taps, making this film the best choice for huge surfaces and for using with a multi touch software for a multi user experience. Displax implements the HID technology that allows to use the skin immediatly without installing any drivers. The Skin Ultra Fit is natively compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 10, Linux, Android and Chrome OS. It natively works on Mac OS as single touch device, multi touch is recognized using the TUIO protocol.