We recently spoke with the Marketing / Creative Director of Volanti Displays, Billy Barnes, about Multi-Touch Technology. Volanti Displays is based in Northern California and focuses on application specific large display systems for the commercial market.

nuiSense: Can you give us an brief introduction to Volanti multi touch displays

Volanti Displays: Here at Volanti Displays we provide our clients with a variety of multi-touch technologies that fit almost any AV solution. From IR Sensor based technology for video wall solutions to InGlass technology that supports displays ranging from 23" all the way up to 98". Our most recent multi-touch display rollout features FlatFrog InGlass technology that introduces users to a highly accurate tablet like multi-touch experience.

nuiSense: What are the best use cases of your multi touch screens?

Volanti Displays:Currently we are seeing a huge push for more user engagement in both retail and corporate type environments. In the world of brick-and-mortar retail we are seeing more and more touch displays embedded as a way to enhance the shopper's experience. From wayfinding apps to online accessible touch based catalogues that allow guests to comfortably browse current product lines. In corporate type settings we are seeing touch displays being utilized as a powerful tool for both the sales team and the potential clients. Both as a collaboration tool and as a way to showcase various products.

nuiSense: How the multi touch software nuiSense works on your products?

Volanti Displays: The nuiSense touch platform was not only very easy to install but also very user friendly when it came to navigating. The overall user experience for nuiSense was very intuitive. From creating new projects to importing video / photo files to real-time collaborating, nuiSense helped streamline the overall experience. The nuiSense digital white board was also packed with a variety of user-friendly features that allowed for multi-color options and font sizes. The nuiSense touch software streamlines any multi-user collaborative effort.

nuiSense: What did you like most of nuiSense business? And what you think we can develop to make the software better?

Volanti Displays: We loved nuiSense's easy to navigate user experience as well as its multi-user collaborative capabilities. Another feature we found very useful was the ability to add / save multiple projects and how easily accessible they were. As far as ways to better the software, we feel that giving users more options for user interface customization is always a plus.

nuiSense: How do you see the Touch Technology over the next 2/3 years?

Volanti Displays: As touch technology hardware advances (latency, durability, clarity) so too does the software, which means better performing displays with more immersive user experiences. We believe that retail and education in particular will benefit greatly from advancements in usability. Imagine classrooms where students are engaged in hands-on 3D lessons while shoppers can navigate through an entire retail center using touch wayfinding apps on large displays. The future is truly bright when it comes to touch-displays.

nuiSense: Have you other products you want to share with us?

Volanti Displays: Feel free to browse our line of large format displays, video walls, and of course the Cube.