Honeywell chose the multi touch suite nuiSense to create interactive experiences such as technological support to exhibitions across Europe. Honeywell was easy to create a guided and interactive experience where visitors could deepen their visit with electronic brochures, images and video. Thanks to the immediacy of the visual content, sales have been able to easily explain to visitors the range of products.

In MCE 2016 tradeshow (Milan, Italy) Honeywell has prepared a stand with three Samsung 55" multi-touch Smart Signage display with IR touch frame technology and a HumeLab 42" multi-touch table with 40 touches and Procap technology.

Given the success of the solution, a few months later it was decided to replicate in the IFAT 2016 (Monaco, Germany). Honeywell subsequently set up a permanent showroom in Germany that replicates the space at the fair, a location used to involve its range of products in a mannered and intuitive manner.

nuiSense has proved a very effective tool that has allowed to significantly reduce implementation costs and time-to-market against developing a custom solution. The graphic customization also allowed to adapt the software to the Honeywell brand. Just a few clicks are enough to customize the graphics of the interactive solution without the need for technical skills. In this specific case, Honeywell relied on a media agency that prepared the graphic contents, adapted the brochures and configured the navigation.

The ease of synchronization of the contents via the cloud also made it possible to maintain synchronized all devices, simplifying the content maintenance process and updating the product range once the installation has become permanent.