In the version of nuiSense business were introduced several features and improvements. Among the most interesting is the ability to display content associated to photos and videos using the properties of a file. Some media formats, such as jpeg and mp4, allow you to manage the metadata, which are nothing more than information that is stored directly on the file. This metadata is directly managed by the operating system and are associated with the file even if you copy it to another computer. You can then manage on any PC without running nuiSense business, you can just select the file and press the right mouse button, click on "Properties", and then select "details" panel. In the details panel will find different editable properties, those that nuiSense handles are "Title" and "Comments". After entering the content you may click "OK" to save your changes. Now, in the configuration page of the album, in the "General" tab, activate the "View file properties" switch and save the configuration as usual. You can start the album and open the image or video for witch you have entered the property. On the top left there is a new button with the "i" symbol. By pressing this button the software will show a new box with the text previously entered. This feature also allows users to associate descriptive contents to the visual contents displayed in their presentations. A feature of its appeal in trade shows and events.