multi touch software

nuiSense has proved a very effective tool that has allowed to significantly reduce implementation costs and time-to-market

The Honeywell's interactive multi user experience

Honeywell chose the multi touch suite nuiSense to create interactive experiences such as technological support to exhibitions across Europe. Honeywell was easy to create a guided and interactive experience where visitors could deepen their visit with electronic brochures, images and video. Thanks to the immediacy of the visual content, sales have been able to easily explain to visitors the range of products treated.
In MCE 2016 tradeshow (Milan, Italy) Honeywell has prepared a stand with three Samsung 55" multi-touch Smart Signage display with IR touch frame technology and a HumeLab 42" multi-touch table with 40 touches and Procap technology.

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Innovative multi touch products and cutting-edge technology combined with design and final assembly in the USA

Volanti Displays Interview

We recently spoke with the Marketing / Creative Director of Volanti Displays, Billy Barnes, about Multi-Touch Technology. Volanti Displays is based in Northern California and focuses on application specific large display systems for the commercial market. We took the opportunity to find out how the nuiSense multi-touch suite enabled the manufacturer to show multi-touch displays to potential customers.

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How to engage people through phisycal object recognition and multi touch

How to recognize objects using NFC tag

The platinum version of the nuiSense multi-touch suite allows you to simply recognize tangible objects without being a technician. The technology chosen was based on NFC tags. By simply applying an NFC tag to objects, it will be possible to trigger associated events, such as the opening of a product sheet, a video or images.

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Erreci Sicurezza goes to MADE Expo 2015 with a multitouch showcase

Erreci in MADE Expo with an interactive window

Erreci Sicurezza, a leader in the production of security bar system and security shutters, came to the trade fair MADE Expo 2015 (Pad. 04 - Stand E25 F22) with a multi touch innovative solution signed by di-erre software.
It is a 46-inch multi-touch glass capable of recognizing up to 20 simultaneous touches. A projector connected to a mini PC projects the multi touch software nuiSense business on the glass. Visitors can browse documents, watch videos and pictures by touching the glass in a natural way.

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Lenovo choose the multi touch suite nuiSense in useful tools for Windows 8 for UK market

nuiSense is in Lenovo Picks UK Useful Tools

nuiSense was included in the selection of useful tools for Windows 8 Lenovo Picks UK. This collection is directly managed by the important Chinese producer of computers and tablets (Lenovo) and was created with the intent to freely promote the best App in Windows Store. A pool of engineers, testers and critics evaluates the Apps to offer its users just quality software. Seeing is believing...

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